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Feb. 28th, 2009

I am, incidentally, not dead. I'm perfectly fine, reading everything on my friends page-- I just haven't had much to post about. Sorry.

I've finally managed to apply for my Master's degree-- the hardest part has been getting a damn straight answer out of the people at FSU. The system really isn't calibrated for students who've attended before. My latest dilemma is, do I need to log in with my old ID information, or create a new account? I haven't been able to figure it out yet, and e-mailing someone with a question might get me a response sometime late next week. Maybe. *sigh*

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The thing is, it would be a didactic, trippy allegory with a moral no one would want to hear. So I've got to get it out of my head. Thing is, I still don't have much consistent to replace it. Hence, no fic to post, and hence, no posting for like four months. *sigh* Hopefully I'll get more productive once I have some actual structure to my life again.


So I wrote this crossover between Doctor Who and Young Wizards. The latter's a YA book series, about wizards. Basically, it's a giant, slightly vindictive fixit fic for JE and Ten in general. Realizing that I would never actually manage to make any further changes to it, I began to post it at a YW comm, where it has been fairly well recieved. Apparently a lot of them had issues with JE, too. As I might've mentioned in earlier posts, I can't say I'm surprised. The whole philosophy of YW is pretty well directly opposed to some of the crap we've been seeing from Ten. I should post somewhere about that.

But anyway, despite the slight risk of incomprehensibility (though it's probably far, far easier to read this knowing DW and not YW rather than the other way around, given that it's got the DW characters and plot, just in the YW universe), here is the link to the last chapter with the full table of contents:

Journey's Dawn

It is apparently epic win. :D


I wonder why in the living hell it took me so long to watch Shoujo Kakumei Utena? I mean, a complex lesbian-feminist fable in anime form... You can get further up my alley, but it's not easy. Now I'm positively obsessed with the opening theme. I do that, I always have-- when I latch on to one song, I can just play it over and over and over again, for ages. Used to be the Hell Freezes Over version of "Hotel California". It's been "Viva La Vida" and "I Will Follow", too. Now it's "Rinbu Revolution". At some point I'm sure I'll move on...

..Then again, I just realized that that very song could serve as my crossover-Donna's theme, despite the fact that I finished that monstrosity long before I ever heard it. So it's possible this one's going to stick with me for a while.

Speaking of said monstrosity, I've finally divided it up into parts and started to post it, because by now, I just know there's no way I'm going to change it in any way, or try to get it beta'd like I should. It's a pretty obscure crossover, in my defense, but the only thing I was worried about was getting Donna right... Then again, she's got a hell of an excuse to be out-of-character.

Should anyone want to brave a fic that follows the rules of a fandom they don't know-- I did try to explain it as well as I could-- the first part is here. I wish you luck.

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Nov. 7th, 2008

It has... been a while since I posted. ^^; Honestly, I haven't had all that much to post about, as I haven't gotten anything done. But an overview:

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Hopefully I'll get some actual writing done at some point, which I can then post here.

Oh, and YAY OBAMA! I don't harbor the delusion that he's the second coming, but I think he can do great things for our country, and he certainly can't do worse than some other people I could mention. ;D


Sep. 26th, 2008

So in the only DW fic I've managed to work on, I'm actually trying to be reasonably nice to Ten. The things he has done are not entirely his fault, even if he left the door wide open and begged evil to come in. I'm doing my best to leave some ambiguity.

This bit, however, might be a little mean.

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I may actually finish this fic. Astonishing, given how damn little I've been writing recently.

In other news: my grandfather's still sick in various confusing ways that the doctors outright refuse to explain (but he does seem to be on an upward trend at the moment), I now have a nametag at my library volunteer gig, and my cousin claims to be engaged.

Forgive my unromantic skepticism, but he's known the girl for two months, outside. If they actually make it to February 14th, I'll concede they've got a chance. I wish I knew what in the hell he was thinking, but I doubt I'd understand. But you never know.
Okay, I admit, I choose the DW crossovers I write based on the ability they give me to screw Ten over. In my defense, someone's got to. Most of the other fangirls seem content just to screw him.

*cough* Sorry, sorry. It's just that a well-executed Ten-roasting makes me so very happy. My last (and only) crossover, with Rurouni Kenshin, was widely regarded as unexpected but good; it seemed utterly obvious to me. In Kenshin, you've got a character that Ten could never understand and Nine would simply know without thinking. He's polite and ginger, and he's got a sword. It would almost be worth extending that one into a full-length fic.

And my most recent crossover project is working out quite neatly, too. All the pieces fit so perfectly. It works in both universes, and I have years' worth of arguments that Ten is quite clearly possessed that can finally get put to a good use.

A clip:

"And every single time-- every time I tried to tell him he wasn't alone--"

"Oh, don't be too hard on yourself," says the Lonely God. "Far more illustrious people have tried and failed. Rose Tyler, and Martha Jones, and that delightful creature calling himself the Master-- the Face of Boe whispered it to him with its dying breath, and I convinced him it was just an acronym. One of the oldest creatures in the universe! Makes a dying declaration and he's willing to believe it's just an acronym, some stupid little thing that's only going to be relevant once, for three seconds, as confirmation of something he's already realized. Some people just work so hard to make my job so easy."

Call it corporal punishment, 'cause I've finally realized: my problem with Ten was always that he was a teenager. *whistles as she wanders away*


Sep. 11th, 2008

I have yet to determine whether the doctors and staff at TMH actually have no idea what they're doing, or have simply adopted a policy of not telling the family anything. As there'd be little qualitative difference between the two scenarios, I suspect I'll never know.

For one thing, the hospital staff does make a habit of telling my grandmother as little as possible, and she has an astonishing facility for not only failing to ask the right questions, but coming up with several very inventive wrong ones. Which, as she tends to be fretful at the best of times and tends to stay up nights with Grandpa at the hospital when he's particularly ill, is fairly understandable. Also, neither of them want to hear bad news. This is of course true of everyone, but they tend to find ways not to hear it. They'll mishear it, or think their way around it, snatch sentence fragments out of context and use them to their own ends... It's a bit frustrating, but so far? You can't argue with results.

So I still don't have the faintest idea what's wrong with him, except the drugs they've given him are working a bit better now; it only hurts when he moves. From what I've heard, it's been... pretty harrowing. There've been too many theories bounced around for me to list (fracture, pinched nerve, renal failure....), and apparently there's also some thing where a culture from his nose indicated the presence of MRSA, of all things. So there's some sort of sign on his door and apparently it took them all ages to get a straight answer from them about it ("Oh, it's just what we do when we get cultures").

Basically, all the information I've gotten is secondhand and scattershot, and no one has a damn clue what's going on. But I shouldn't be surprised. That's pretty much the way it is with all the information I've ever gotten about Dad's side of the family. Ask me how many cousins I have. Apparently even my Dad's not sure. 'Course, that's connected to my uncle, and let's not get started on that guy. *rolls eyes* There's a whole 'prodigal son' dynamic going on there, and it ain't pretty.

Anyway, still here. Posting mainly because I don't know what's going on, I may never find out, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I am willing to share this with the entire internet, and yet, ask me how much conversation I made with people at the library yesterday? Next to none. I tried to, once, but I couldn't quite get myself to open my mouth. I'm a workaholic, for one, and also my mouth works on two speeds: "Off" and "Full". I'm gonna make somebody a damn good employee someday. *sigh* Been a long week.


(still alive here)

Okay, so my previous medical practicioner was clearly a bit too lax, which was, in actuality, a disservice to me. Little as I want to, I will try to wrap my head around that, because I know it is true. As a corrolary, the more stringent practices of my current practicioner are probably much better medicine. I will concede that point too.

But must they really strip me naked every visit??

Possible TMI warning is probably already impliedCollapse )

But let's get the hell off of the medical nonsense. I got a volunteer position! Yay! 'Course, I imagine there's a lot less competition now that school's started and they've had budget cuts, but still. It's at the library, Tuesdays, 12-2. I told them I could do more days but I doubt they trust me yet. Maybe once I show up for a while, or my background check comes back, or they put out for a nametag. Did my first shift last week; mainly "bumping" (resensitizing the magnetic strips that set off the alarm if someone steals a book; we're not allowed to check them back in the system) and shelving new materials (the rest of the library's apparently done by other people). There was also some work with the reserves, bagging them for the couriers and whatnot; doesn't sound like much but it sufficed. Gonna have to wear my hair in a ponytail. Five minutes of anything even vaguely resembling work and my head starts to drip. It's fairly irksome.

I'm happy to have the motivation to get out of the house at least one day per week, and also happy for the exercise. I'm also hoping this will eventually provide me some insight as to my choice of career. Not happening yet, but I live in hope that someday a great beam of light will come down, and a voice will tell me my destiny, and suddenly it will all make sense and I will pick my course of study with a light heart. It could happen. Figuratively.


Aug. 27th, 2008

(Incidentally, if you didn't check out the vid I posted in my last entry? You might want to do that instead. ^^ Just saying.)

So, Fay's come and gone. Didn't cause too many problems, personally; a few trees got knocked down, the power flickered once or twice, the road has ruts like you wouldn't believe, and our phone got knocked out for a day. The satellite TV barely even went out. Now, Tallahassee, they had a few problems. I think the power outages are fixed, but I'm pretty sure there's still a couple neighborhoods under water. We're starting to dry out, though. It's Florida, we're a bloody marsh anyway.

'Course, they say the improbably named Gustav might be coming this way in a week or so. But they can only predict hurricanes so far ahead, so I'll believe it three days before I see it.

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Anyway, I may post a justification for the fic I'm working on when I'm in a state of mind that allows me to not sound like an idiot while doing so. It's just occured to me that the reasons I can't stand Ten have been blindingly obvious from the start. He's rude and not ginger, and not much else. Despite that, he's got the audacity to claim he's the Highest Authority, the Lonely God, and that's where he reaches my moral line in the sand. Anything else, I could cope with, could let slide, or simply let go. But when he/they set him up as a false god-- and yes, they have been-- that's the one thing I can't abide, the one thing I feel some sort of obligation to align myself against. A declaration of war, and I know exactly what side I'm not on. That's why I've never been able to just say "ah, screw 'em" and walk away. That's why I'm crossing DW over with a fandom that has the sense to call the Devil the Lone Power. I've learned to accept a lot of things, but I will never, ever learn to accept that. I take it that seriously. Are you sure it's not that serious?



Yeah, you know all that weird crap I keep trying to say about Ten? Turns out someone else managed it a lot better with some clips, a song, and three and a half minutes.

I mean, I'd already realized it was way more absurdly simple than I'd been making it out to be, but damn. This is it. This is all of it.

And yes, it's ******* brilliantly done even if you don't think Ten is Satan. Seriously, I don't pull all caps for nothing. Or, ever. PLEASE GO WATCH IT.

Oh, and here's their LJ so you can go shower them with WELL-EARNED PRAISE. I MEAN THIS.